Five Must-Have Features for Your Law Firm Accounting Software

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Five Must-Have Features for Your Law Firm Accounting Software

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There are also financial reports that go beyond following best practices for accounting and identifying growth opportunities. Suppose you understand exactly what your firm is collecting and your firm’s expenses; you lower your chances of accidentally missing out on revenue. If billed hours are not recorded properly, or you miss out on tax deduction opportunities, you miss out on many opportunities.

Legal accounting solutions that support digital payment integration can even help eliminate uncomfortable conversations by automating follow ups and other parts of the A/R process. Boosts Productivity
Relying on spreadsheets and manual data entry tasks are tedious and prone to human error. A comprehensive legal accounting solution can help significantly boost your operational efficiency by streamlining bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, and more – without sacrificing accuracy. By eliminating the lion’s share of manual tasks from the firm’s day-to-day, attorneys will be free to focus more on clients or pursue more strategic goals. Relying on memory is never a good way to keep track of your billable hours.

How to Effectively Do Bookkeeping for a Law Firm – Tips from an Accountant and Bookkeeper

The purpose of bookkeeping is to provide an accurate record of financial transactions so that informed decisions can be made and business compliance with rules and regulations is maintained. In addition to all the facets of a business like payroll, utilities, supplies, and expenses, they also have to comply with regulatory standards for managing client funds. Legal bookkeeping is a complex field that requires specific processes. Don’t let these common pitfalls embroil your firm in an accounting battle.

  • Violating compliance regulations purposefully or through neglect can lead to significant repercussions.
  • For further assistance with the setup process of QuickBooks Online for lawyers in your office setting, the author is happy to come onsite if necessary.
  • Whether you do the task yourself or outsource it to a pro, the goal is to make sure your books are accurate, up-to-date, and useful to you and your CPA.
  • While it is the accountant’s job to handle this the right way regardless of anything else, working with the accountant to make things easier can be very valuable for your business relationship.

It’s customary to use IOLTAs when you’re depositing nominal amounts that would earn little to no interest. The state pools the funds from individual IOLTAs to generate enough revenue to fund the public programs. You’ll want a traditional interest-bearing CTA for substantial deposits or funds you plan to hold long term. Say your client paid you $20,000 in advance, knowing the attorney fees will far exceed that amount.

How to Choose the Best Law Firm Accounting Software For You

You should never combine business and personal expenses when running a legitimate business. We had issues with client profitability and partner compensation until Cogneesol allotted us their accounting experts to draw up the books of accounts as per accounting principles. Since then, we have complete visibility into our clients’ payout ratio. Accordingly, our managing A Deep Dive into Law Firm Bookkeeping partners and principal attorneys have a better visibility into the firm’s income capabilities. As your business expands or shrinks, we being your law firm accounting company, can modify the staffing requirements and handle resource management accordingly. The Less Accounting approach is more of a hybrid between the do-it-yourself approach and true outsourcing.

The expenses are not income, so they need to get logged separately. Violating compliance regulations purposefully or through neglect can lead to significant repercussions. An example of a compliance regulation violation could be mishandling client funds. For small business sole proprietors or single-member owners of an LLC, it’s easy to mix your personal finances with those of your business. And since timely, organized bookkeeping is a prerequisite for timely, organized accounting, falling off the bookkeeping wagon can usher in a whole host of other problems.


We’ve said it again and again, but never, ever mix your personal and your business finances. You should only ever charge your clients fees directly related to their account. You should also consider a savings account, despite interest rates often being low.

  • Legal accountants also need to be intimately familiar with the relevant rules and regulations and be comfortable using different types of software.
  • Therefore, this is where sound practice management and strong accounting systems play a vital role.
  • Improperly allocating client expenses can be a huge challenge for a small firm without the luxury of a billing department.
  • Hire a tax professional like a CPA to help you with your business taxes.
  • This prestigious honor isn’t something you can buy but instead must earn.
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