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to High Trust Petroleum L.L.C

High Trust Petroleum LLC is one of the arms of Al Hutheily Group, a group that has roots going back to 1950 in the oil products distribution in Middle East.
In 2016 HTP started exporting Diesel, Benzene, LPG, Fuel Oil, Butamine of Middle East and in 2018 became one of the leading exporters to all safe ports in the Middle East, with a chartered fleet bigger than any competitor, assuring stable and steady supply to all its clients.


Our products are carefully sourced from the top oil majors in the world, this locks in the highest standards of product, specifications are always up to the standard. The pricing of the product is always based on the platts reference rates which are taken daily + a premium (on the product)We always use the top private inspectors like SGS, Bureau Veritas, etc, is it good to mix bitcoins? who enjoy international recognition with all regulating entities in the world.


Considered the prime product we assure complete compliance with the specifications required by every regularity authority in our client’s area, we make sure that our vessels are clean and ready to receive every cargo with pristine quality standards.


Considered the 2nd volume in our portfolio, we deliver RON 92,95,98 to our clients in the Middle East according to the specs required for every country, our product sourcing ability makes us able to accommodate in special requirements by our clients.


Is considered as one of our strong points, several cargos have been delivered yearly to the Middle East to several ports.


We also provide a steady supply of fuel oil according to the standards of every country in dedicated vessels to carry dirty products.


We provide a big variety of Butamine products with different specs either in bulks or bags or drums.


We deal with the top ship owners in the world to make sure that the vessels are vetted up to the highest standards acceptable by HTP, All vessels have their certificates checked, insurance confirmed from top insurance companies in the Region & we make sure to have the top seamen on the vessels to be able to navigate in any port in our challenging region.


High Trust Petroleum maintains a very well respective position and connection with most ship owners and managers for the vessels operating in the vicinity of the middle east and med.

We provide chartering of vessels to our clients and carry on all the operations of delivery making sure a five star Hassel free service is provided to our valued clients.

We charter vessels from as small as 5000MTS up to Aframax, we also charter all types of vessels from bulk carriers from LPG, LNG, and tankers.


High Trust Petroleum provides the combo of buying the product with the best premium available and delivering it to the destination port that the client wishes.

We provide all sizes of cargos and all types of petroleum refined products, LPG and LNG as per our trading portfolio. The cargos are inspected by the top inspection services available in the loading port and we are connected to the top insurance companies for those who want the cargo to be delivered in short for optimum peace of mind.

Our operations teams carry on all the required formalities, protocols for each and every destination country.

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