ClickBank for Beginners: A 7-Step Affiliate Starters Guide from ClickBank

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ClickBank for Beginners: A 7-Step Affiliate Starters Guide from ClickBank

You can ask them to wire you the money, get a check, or receive ACH payment. For example, if you promote an exercise program that sells for $100 and pays a 75% commission to affiliates like you, then you’ll make $75 every time someone buys the product using your special affiliate link. They are responsible for bringing a product to the ecommerce market and are quintessential in the affiliate marketing process. Building a fan page on Facebook is also an option since most audiences are on the social media platform, too. You can populate your Facebook page with content that links to your website and use it to drive traffic to your website. Another way you can share your content is to use other content distribution networks such as Taboola or Outbrain.

  1. CJ Affiliate has many different commission programs, depending upon the type of product/offer.
  2. And to find out more about the difference sources of free traffic, check out our guide to free traffic here.
  3. CJ Affiliate is a go-to platform for affiliate marketing professionals that want to work with more exclusive brands in the market.
  4. You should start looking at some specific numbers that tell the story of what’s working.
  5. For now, just stop and think about the fact that you can make money online without EVER having to create a product, manage inventory, or even worry about payment processing.

Rakuten Advertising is primarily known for listing physical goods, unlike some other affiliate networks that offer a mix of physical as well as digital products. They also pay close attention to their own metrics, especially earnings per click (EPC), to make sure their efforts are turning a profit. If you invest money in Affiliate marketing, the retires are much higher. This is a pro process so it will not recommend you to do it in the initial stage. When you are confident about the product, and it is good converting then you can create Facebook Ads, Google Ad-words and Instagram ads to get targeted paid traffic which will lead to tons of conversions.

Empowering Businesses to Grow Online

In addition to the product category, one of the most important points here is the initial $/conversion number of $143.01. Contrary to what some websites may claim, it is highly unlikely that you will make thousands of dollars on your first day as an affiliate marketer. Last but not least, we have Joint Genesis, a proven offer that saw success last year and is heading into this year with a bright future.

Pick a way to up the ante for yourself and play the game like you have something to lose. It’s important to come into affiliate marketing with your mind on the long game. Knowing that success in affiliate marketing involves momentum, resilience, and dedication will help you manage the inevitable setbacks along the way and keep you going when you feel defeated.

On the plus side, Facebook has a massive user base, tons of data, sophisticated AI, and strong tracking tools through the Pixel. Facebook Ads allow you to micro-target a set of users with a highly specific offer. These days, it’s also common to set up an affiliate bridge page to route your cold Facebook traffic.


This offer is geared towards all folks who are looking to improve health, shed pounds, and kick start their metabolism. It’s doing well across various age segments and with men and women. If you feel like your account was wrongly disabled or shut down, please reach out to our support team. Second, assuming you’ve filled the profile out correctly and it’s still disabled, you should get in touch with our support team to see if they can assist you. In other words, what works best when you’re starting out isn’t necessarily what’s best at a higher level. I bring up this funnel concept because you need to make sure your campaign is tracking along with these stages.

A Brief History of Affiliate Marketing

However, Rakuten does have a strong brand portfolio for you to select from. They have worked with many A-list brands such as American Heart Organization, Ray-Ban, Vans, and Papa John. The commission model offered by MaxWeb is called CPA (cost per acquisition). MaxWeb has clearly mentioned on their website that affiliates only get paid for each unique customer brought in by them.

As an affiliate marketer, your next job is to collect data as soon as you start sending traffic. You should start looking at some specific numbers that tell the story of what’s working. These metrics will help you decide which methods (and offers) are worth investing your time and money in. Another way to think of paid traffic is more “transaction-oriented.” Often, you’re getting traffic by appearing in someone’s social media feed or before their YouTube video and trying to grab their attention. Now, let’s briefly cover a few of these traffic sources you can use to start making affiliate commissions.

Popular Affiliate Resources

In fact, many of the best marketers choose “all of the above,” because free and paid traffic sources each have their merits! But as a beginner, it can make sense to start with free traffic to build a foundation before moving on to paid sources. The good thing is, affiliate marketing is definitely not as intimidating as taking a course in oceanography or apicology (which is the study of bees… in case you didn’t know–we didn’t). However, if you go to Google for answers about affiliate marketing, you might end up more confused than when you started. It’s important to thoroughly review a vendor’s sales page before committing to promoting their product. They may be offering a 75% commission rate, but if their website doesn’t appear trustworthy, you won’t be in a position to generate sales regardless of how much traffic you drive to their website.

” – but in a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a business model where you promote other people’s products on the internet and get paid a commission for each sale. If you’re going to get into affiliate marketing, you have to bring the excitement. If you’re not the Don Draper of creating ad content, you’re going to need to find a niche that you get absolutely stoked over when you tell your friends about it. This enthusiasm will translate into your content and compel customers to buy, thus increasing sales for the vendor and commission for you.

For Facebook Ads, you’ll look at metrics like cost per click (CPC) and conversion rate. The main goal with Facebook is to get more clicks to your landing page at the lowest possible price, and secondarily, for the landing page to route people over to the offer. Because native ads are displayed on popular websites instead of on a central social media platform (like Facebook), you have more leeway in your choice of messaging, creative, and landing page. It’s also a beginner-friendly option for getting into the world of media buying.

CJ Affiliate has product offers from the online retail, digital products, and software categories. Rakuten has a minimum payout of click bank india $50.The payments issued by Rakuten are net 60. This simply means you will get paid after 60 days of earning your commissions.

Well, no doubt Social media is one of the best traffic sources for today. Social is not only limited to Facebook or Twitter but dozens of social traffic sources like Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. etc. are gem source of quality targeted traffic. JVZoo has a minimum payout amount of $50, so when you sign up with JVZoo, you can withdraw/transfer money into your bank after earning at least $50. So, if the same customer buys the same product more than once, the affiliate won’t get paid for any additional orders. By now, you’ve chosen a traffic source and are pointing it at your tracking link (HopLink), which is hosted on a bridge page.

However, if you’re a beginner, becoming an affiliate with this network can be challenging, as it has a strict selection process. In fact, low-performing affiliates may also get booted off the system many times without warning. If you have signed up with ShareASale as a marketing affiliate, you can get paid via check, direct deposit, international direct deposit, wire transfer, and Payoneer.

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